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Insight From Semalt: Blogging Is A Must For Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, blogging remains a backbone in the field of content marketing. When dealing with organic traffic, a blog is a professional platform where readers interact with your content. It is an area where you can prove your expertise in various aspects of your marketing strategy and content. Getting leads and conversions is a complicated process, and a simple blog could be the only thing you need to reach your target.

Julia Vashneva, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, provides the reasons why blogging remains a useful tool in digital marketing.

1. Blogs give users content.

Most individuals reading material from blogs are in search of knowledge. A blog is a perfect place to find answers and advice for almost anything. Your blog can be an excellent place to make people get to your content and make knowledgeable decisions especially if you have call-to-action buttons somewhere in your web pages.

2. A blog can increase conversions.

SEO mainly targets at increasing traffic. The more you get traffic, the higher the chance of getting a buyer from the people clicking links to your web content. However, the opposite can also happen. You can have an increasing number of visitors as the number of those who make a purchase reduce. A blog can be a useful parameter in striking that balance. A blog proves credibility, and as visitors build your trust, they eventually result in making a purchase.

3. Blogs aid in Search Engine Optimization.

One of the most common criteria search engines like Google uses the date of new content. Fresh content increases the position Google’s search engine results placement (SERP) algorithm places websites for a particular search query. For any web content, it is important to write at least three new posts every week. This effort helps the web crawlers and bots from Google find new relevant content ranking you higher than the websites which do not continually update their content.

4. You can get audience engagement.

As from January 2017, one of the most useful criteria Google uses to rank sites is how much one stays engaged on a web content before leaving. This concept differentiates real persons from black hat SEO bots. In a different context, if a visitor comes to a web page you created, the higher the probability of clicking something. You can increase conversions by increasing the engagement of users on our web page.

5. Blogs are cheap to make.

Blogging is one of the easiest tasks these days, thanks to the numerous SEO automation tools available. Many DIY websites offer drag and drop procedures for erecting your websites. These devices have been getting better and better over time, and some have high efficiency. The majority of these tools are free, but some require you to pay reasonable maintenance fees. Furthermore, you can always hire a freelance expert to construct one for you at a price. The maintenance of a blog is also relatively cheap.


Blogging is not an old strategy when it comes to digital marketing. Despite the emergence of newer automated SEO techniques, a blog is still a typical method of gathering emails and leads. You can still benefit from these facts and drive many conversions with your blog.


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